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Drain Cleaning Bakersfield CA

Our name speaks for itself—The Plumbing Doc. Since 2004, we have been making our space in drain inspection and repair in Bakersfield, California. The Plumbing Doc now has a team of experienced, skilled plumbers and pipe layers, and trucks equipped with the best instruments and latest technology, ready to respond to a client’s need 247.

A Better Way to Diagnose Plumbing Problems

Some 15 years back, if a sewer would malfunction, several plumbers would descend upon the affected property. They would tear up the flooring to find the leak and would have to pull out the pipe to see what was causing the leak. The pipe would then get replaced with a new one, and it would take a long time for the affected property to return to its former state.

The guesswork involved in locating a malfunctioning pipe, the disruption to a homeowner’s daily routine, the time is taken to finish the work and the money spent in traditional sewer repair made it an unpleasant and unpopular necessity.

However, technology has improved sewer inspection and repair/ replacement too. These days, the work required to maintain sewers involves hi-tech gadgets and no major digging.

Before sewers are repaired or replaced, the most important task for a contractor is to inspect them. These days, it is possible with the help of a high-resolution camera, mounted on a flexible tube, sent through the sewers till it locates the blockage or cracks. The flexible tube is a good idea for sewer lines that are not too long.

For long distance sewer inspection, a remotely operated tractor carries the camera through the pipes. Once the problem is identified, and its location pinpointed, the tractor is made to reverse through the pipes to the point it was lowered from and is brought up.

Once the camera is in the sewers, it transmits a live video of the path it is taking to a monitor above ground, which is being watched by a trained technician. The technician can tell if the problem is arising from a blocked pipe, or a pipe that has developed cracks and holes or even come loose from its joints.

This helps the technicians in determining the solution to the problem.

Camera inspection for sewers is a great option for many reasons.

There is almost no destruction of property. A small hole is dug vertically above the start of the sewer system of a house or commercial property to insert the inspection equipment, which is pretty much the only digging required to inspect sewers and locate a problem within.

With minimum human resource required for inspection, there will be no men milling around the property and the labor cost also comes down. It is quick. The digging of a small hole, the setting up of equipment and inspection of the sewer itself takes very little time—just a few hours.

All of this leads to low cost of repair or replacement of the sewer pipes if the need arises after camera inspection. So if anyone in the Bakersfield area needs a sewer inspection, and perhaps repair or replacement services, we are the ones to contact.

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