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Leak Detection Lamont, CA

Leak detection services are an excellent way to make sure that your plumbing is running smoothly in Lamont. These services can help you save thousands of dollars in repairs, replacements, and new installations. By sourcing the leak’s location, we can accurately treat the issue at hand.. Here at The Plumbing Doc, we understand how to find leaks, why they form, and how to fix them, and are happy to provide you with our professional and courteous service 247.

Detecting Leaks

Leak detection services are one of the primary services that any plumber should offer. Consequently, they’ve come a long way and have developed along with trenchless methods and no-dig methods of plumbing maintenance, repairs, replacements, and installations. Leak detection for all pipes can be done with a camera as a quick and easy procedure. The camera is waterproof, HD, and attached to a hose that’s then inserted into your pipeline, water heater tank, or other device in order to fully inspect it. The camera provides a live feed video recording back to a plumbing technician via a mobile device, such as a laptop, phone, or tablet.

This method of detection service allows us to spot and correctly diagnose any issues within your pipes. It also allows us to meticulously break down what exactly caused your leak, in order to help prevent it in the future. For example, leaks due to corrosion, erosion, and rust can be prevented with lining your pipe with epoxy. However, pipes with tree root invasions that are causing leaks are treated differently and may need to be replaced.

There are several reasons why pipes have leaks. Untightened joints, faulty construction, old age, poor layout, and wear and tear are all contributing factors to what may lead your pipes to leak. However, leaks are preventable with consistent maintenance and upkeep of your pipes.

Regular Maintenance and Leak Detection Services

Maintenance doesn’t have to be painful, nor does it have to be expensive. Maintenance can be as easy as getting inspections done once to twice yearly- which is oftentimes recommended regardless of a history of leaks for a plumbing system. Additionally, you can get your plumbing cleaned via our hydro jetting procedure, which allows us to completely clear the line of any obstructions such as clogs or tree roots, and reduces the risk of leaks. On top of inspections and cleaning, you can also just keep an eye out for if your plumbing begins to act funny. Any changes in a plumbing’s functionality points to a sign of distress and unhealthy pipes.

The Plumbing Doc is happy to help you diagnose and even repair leaks. With methods such as trenchless pipe bursting, pipe lining, and pipe boring, we can easily repair, replace, or install entire sections of piping without ever touching the landscaping. We’re able to use small entry points and access points in order to get into your pipes and get business handled.

Call us today at for all inquiries about our leak detection services and other services available in your area, or for your type of property.

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