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Sewer Repair Lamont CA

If you need sewer repair for your Lamont property, you need quality service quickly. A dysfunctional sewer system can be a messy problem to have, and our team at The Plumbing Doc uses the modern equipment you need to get the job done right.

Common Sewer Problems

There are a variety of uncomfortable signs that you need professional sewer assistance. While there are certain common diagnoses, it is best to get a professional opinion on what you need before you decide on a repair. The following are the most common symptoms that something is wrong with your Lamont, CA sewer system:

  • Fluctuating water levels – if you are noticing constant changing in your toilet’s water level, it may be a sign that you have damage in your lines. This could be anywhere from a leak to a clog.
  • Foul odor – a bad smell coming from the ground outside of your Lamont property or in the bathroom or basement is a classic sign that you need a professional sewer inspection.
  • Slow draining – slow draining will most likely affect multiple areas of your house and can be a symptom of many different sewer problems.
  • Mold – mold growing around your property can be due to a leak in your sewage system.

Sewer Repair Services for Your Lamont Pipes

At The Plumbing Doc, we offer a variety of sewer repair services to fit any pipe problem you may be experiencing.

We begin any sewer repair with an in-depth inspection of your sewer line. Our advanced camera technology allows us to get a detailed perspective of the age and health of your sewer line without having to dig or guess. These small, waterproof cameras are inserted into an existing access point in your pipeline and maneuvered throughout your Lamont sewer system by one of our certified technicians. Once we have reviewed the footage, we will recommend the best repair option for you.

Hydro jetting
Hydro jetting is a great way to clean sewer pipes efficiently and clear away any stubborn clogs or buildups. This cleaning process is a great alternative to traditional methods that were costly and invasive. Hydro jetting is essentially a pressurized water hose that blasts through your pipes and clears any obstructions quickly.

Trenchless Pipe Lining
If your sewer line has a leak or crack, pipe lining is a great option to restore functionality without having to replace the entire system. Once the problem is diagnosed, out team will either use a static pull cable or line replacement equipment.

Septic Systems
The Plumbing Doc offers a variety of services for septic tank systems. Whether you need cleaning, maintenance, repairs, or installation, we offer the most advanced technology to keep your system functioning properly.

Work with the Industry Experts at The Plumbing Doc to Repair Your Sewer

Our industry professionals at The Plumbing Doc are proud to offer trenchless solutions to fit any of your sewer and drain systems’ needs. Call us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you restore your pipes with accuracy and precision.

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