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Trenchless Sewer Repair Lamont CA

Plumbing repairs have come a long way in the past decade. Traditional repair and maintenance methods that involved excavation on your Lamont property were not only expensive, they also required serious labor and time. Our team at The Plumbing Doc is proud to offer trenchless technology repairs that will give you the best repair in the most efficient way possible.

What are Trenchless Repairs?

Trenchless repairs are essentially minimally invasive services that require no digging on your property. From camera inspections to line replacements, trenchless technology allows us to access and repair your Lamont, CA pipelines from the inside. These methods are a becoming standard in the plumbing industry as they are faster and more reliable than traditional repairs.

Trenchless Services for Your Lamont, CA Property

At The Plumbing Doc, we offer a variety to trenchless services to fit any plumbing need you may have. From maintenance to repairs, our advanced technology will make all of the difference in finding a lasting solution for your Lamont home or business.

Camera inspection

If you are experiencing a variety of pipe problems, a sewer camera inspection will pinpoint the exact location and type of repair you need so that there is no guesswork involved. These cameras are inserted into an existing access point through your Lamont pipes and worked throughout your system by one of our certified technicians to reveal all existing imperfections. Once we have a thorough understanding of the size, location, and type of issue you are experiencing, we will propose the best solution. Camera inspections are also useful in maintaining a functioning drain or sewer system and can prevent serious future repairs.

Hydro Jetting Your Lamont Pipes

The most popular cleaning method when it comes to pipelines is hydro jetting. This process is simple, cost effective, and safe. A hydro jet is essentially a hose that blasts pressurized water throughout your pipelines. This pressure is just strong enough to clear away debris, stubborn clogs, and even tree roots, but will not cause any damage to your pipe’s interior.

Pipe Lining

If you have a crack, leak, or weakened area of your pipeline, you will need a professional repair to restore its functionality. Traditional methods often included digging up and replacing the entire system. The Plumbing Doc uses a trenchless pipe lining method that will focus on repairing the damaged area from the inside. This generally involves inserting a tube that is saturated in resin into your line. Once this tube is set in place, it is inflated so that the resin coats the damaged and surrounding area. The tube is then removed and the resin is dried, creating a watertight seal and lasting repair.

Contact The Plumbing Doc for All of Your Trenchless Repair Needs

If you need a professional pipeline repair to your Lamont, California property, a trenchless service will give you a lasting solution for an affordable price. The Plumbing Doc is dedicated giving all of our clients the most up-to-date and accurate repairs in the industry. Call us today to learn more about our trenchless services and to schedule an appointment.

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