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Water Heater Installations Delano, CA

If you’re looking for the right type of water heater for your home, then it’s time to call The Plumbing Doc. We have water heater experts who will determine the best water heater setup for your home, depending on factors such as budget, usage habits and number of occupants in the house.

Our capable experts will recommend a new water heater installation for you to save an enormous amount of energy and money, with added convenience of never running out of hot water to use.

Delano Hot Water Installation Options for Homes and Businesses

There’s quite a number of hot water systems available for residents of Delano. Consult with our certified technicians to make the most out of your home investment.

Conventional Hot Water Tank

Classic hot water systems do two things: first, they pre-heat the water and second they store the hot water in a large tank for later use. Common sizes range anywhere from 20 to 80 gallons of hot water at any time. Classic hot water tanks are often installed in outdoor access closets or garages. If you or your family loves the idea of hot water running through the shower, washer or dishwasher, then conventional heating systems are the best option. More than that, conventional water heaters are the cheapest to install.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless, or flow-through heating systems have a smaller footprint than that of classic water tanks, and are more energy efficient as they only draw electricity when the unit is turned on. Waiting for the water to heat only takes a few seconds. This type of water heater delivers its rated capacity instantly and effortlessly.

Initial installation and unit costs are greater than those of conventional water heaters, but you can stand to save more in terms of environmental footprint and in wasting less water. Operating costs and energy savings are also top notch.

Solar Water Heating Systems

Solar heating units are green, renewable systems that can reduce your household carbon emission. The unit makes use of solar panels installed in the roof to heat water which is stored in hot water cylinders. An immersion heater, or otherwise known as a boiler serves as a backup when the panels aren’t collecting sufficient heat. After initial installation, heating costs are virtually zero because you get the heat from a natural source.

Come to Plumbing Doc for All Your Water Heater Needs in Delano, CA

Tankless water heaters are expected to last 20 years, which is greater than classic tank units (which last anywhere between 10 to 15 years). Some usage factors such as quality of installation, unit design, water quality, maintenance schedule, and location can prolong or shorten the expected lifespan of your heating unit. At The Plumbing Doc, we have the knowledge and skills to ensure you get maximum use out of your hot water heater.

If your existing unit is working erratically or not as satisfactory as you hope in bringing hot water, or if you see leaking or hear sizzling noises, then it’s time to call a professional technician. At The Plumbing Doc, we can help Delano, California businesses and residents with water heater repairs and installations of new heating systems that’s the best fit for their home. Call us today.

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