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Kitchen and Bath Remodels

Remodel Your Kitchen or Bath – Add Enjoyment and Value

A kitchen or bath remodel is a great way to add value to your home, both in terms of your current enjoyment and in future resale value. If you are living with an outdated kitchen or bath it could even be affecting your quality of life. There is an almost infinite variety of new features available to make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable and to make your time spent in the bath more relaxing.

In addition, in today’s competitive market homes with outdated fixtures often fail to attract qualified buyers, can be the last on the block to sell, and often must be listed for a lower price. In terms of improving quality of life, one fixture that comes to mind immediately is an instant hot water dispenser; this feature can save unbelievable amounts of time in the kitchen. Of course it can help you quickly brew tea or make pressed coffee for both hot and cold drinks, but there are so many other applications, such as helping to get cutting boards extra clean or removing stubborn grease without chemicals.

There is an astonishing variety of new possibilities available in both sinks and faucets that can make all kinds of kitchen tasks easier. Sinks are available with built in drainers, colanders and cutting boards, features than had not even been thought up just a few years ago, and faucets now have built in sprayers and pot fillers which can make your work simpler.

Clean up is also a breeze with better garbage disposals and under mount or integrated sinks which don’t have a lip allowing you to simply brush crumbs right into the sink. In the bath sinks are also an important feature with integrated and under mount sinks making cleaning easier and beautiful vessel sinks adding style. There are now a variety of faucets available to express your personal sense of style; some even have inserts allowing you to customize colors to get just the right look.

What is there to say about showers, but wow! From simple rainfall shower heads to complete steam showers there are showers available to comfort and relax even the most stressed out among us. Tubs are now also more enjoyable and come in forms from the deep soaking tubs reminiscent of a Japanese bath to air tubs that surround you with tiny champagne like bubbles.

When it comes to caring for the environment the newest plumbing products can help you make a positive impact. Inline water heaters heat water only when needed using less power and low flow toilets have experienced a mammoth jump in efficiency and work even better than the old high water usage models of the past. Now is a great time to invest in improving your quality of your life and the value of your home by remodeling your kitchen or bath. It is a decision that will have a positive impact more ways than you can imagine.

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