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Line and Leak Locating

Do you know you have a drain problem but are not sure where the problem is located exactly? Sewer And Drain Line Locating is the way to go. Few Bakersfield Plumbers are Capable of Line Location like Bakersfield’s Plumbing Doc.

Using Highly Refined Methods and State of the Art Equipment, Your Bakersfield Plumbing Technician with Bakersfield’s Plumbing Doc. Can locate the hardest to find Drain Problems.

First you Camera the drain to see what the problem is ( such as Cracks, Breaks, Roots…etc.). Then we use our Line Locating device which use Sonar to Detect signals transmitted from the camera to pinpoint exact location.

Line Locating – A homeowners nightmare three years ago, my mother-in-law had a home with a basement. One day she awoke to a terrible smell and when she went downstairs she found a stinky mess all over her floor. The sewer pipe had backed up through the floor drain. Her basement was covered with an inch of muck! She called a plumber right away. It took only an hour for her to find out that the plumber could not really fix her problem. He had run a drain cleaning line through the drainpipe and had been able to loosen the clog, but that did not solve the problem. He explained that she needed to have her drainpipe dug up and replaced.

Thousands of dollars later, after a back hoe and a crew of men with shovels and picks had dug a huge ditch covering half of her front yard, my mother-in-law resolved that she had made a mistake by trying to get the most reasonable priced plumber to do the work. It took them another six months to move the dirt they dug up back into the hole! The grass still has not grown over that area. Just last year, the basement sewer backed up again.

This time a different plumber was called. He used a camera that he fished down the drain to locate the problem. Then using some sonar type device he was able to find the problem area in the yard. His crew of just a couple men dug up the area and replaced the piece of pipe that was broken from tree roots and years of wear.

It cost less to have them do the job right than it did to have the previous plumber make a total mess of the yard only to have the problem reoccur a year later. I have learned from her mistakes that it is better to find a plumber with modern detection equipment to do a job that is underground, unless of course I plan to build a swimming pool in that spot afterwards.

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