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Odor Location and Abatement

Few Bakersfield Plumbing Contractors can provide this state of the art service. Odor Location and Abatement Services is the Process of Locating and Repairing (Cracked or Broken) vents or sewer lines without opening unnecessary holes in walls just to attempt to guess the location of the problem. Smoke Testing removes the guesswork from the odor location process. Odor Location is performed by Our Bakersfield Plumbing Experts by using our state of the art equipment to force smoke into your DWV (drain waste and vent) system. When using our state of the art Smoke Testing Equipment, if any damaged, broken or cracked vent or sewer lines are present, smoke will seep from the wall where the problem is located following the same route that the odor followed. Once our Bakersfield Plumbing Professionals make visual location, then access can be cut into the wall at the correct location and the necessary plumbing repairs are performed. Plumbing Problem resolved. This is a very Cost effective tool, as it eliminates the extra time spent cutting and patching unnecessary holes and when a additional Smoke test is performed after repairs are made by our Bakersfield Plumbing Experts, it assures you the customer that the problem has been repaired thoroughly and completely.

Odor Location and Abatement – A crucial component of any comfortable home or office many people are oblivious to the workings and benefits of odor location and abatement services. Most people assume that fixing a broken or cracked vent or sewer line necessitates the use of a long and violent process of breaking open the wall to root out the problem. However, with odor location and abatement, this process is avoided through more subtle and state-of-the art testing.

Smoke Testing allows the professional to specifically locate the cause of the odor without needing to undertake drastic or major destruction of the wall. This smoke test will cause smoke to come out of any part of the wall that contains a broken vent or sewer line, making the method of finding the problem quick and efficient. Instead of painstakingly breaking open a suspected area, the professional can easily fix the problem without the fuss and mess of normal methods.

With the development of such an advanced, yet simple process, hidden piping and vent problems can be repaired with ease. While traditional methods call for guessing and estimating the location of the problem, odor location and abatement allows for more specific and thus more dependable indicators of where the problem is located. The sophisticated equipment involved makes this process not one for the untrained – thus a highly trained professional must be called in order for the problem to be completely and reliably repaired.

Odor location and Abatement is an increasingly necessary operation in the modern world based on speed and efficiency. Thanks to this advanced technology, problems that are usually well hidden are quickly spotted and fixed. People who choose to go with this leak detection procedure are able to rid themselves of any vent or piping problems with little stress and unnecessary damage to the wall. This procedure will save time and money for anybody – from the common homeowner to the top business corporations.

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