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Pipe Freezing

Water lines corrode and break, Valves freeze up and break. How do you shut the water down to repair such problems? Pipe Freezing Technology!!!!  Leave that up to our Qualified Bakersfield Plumbing Experts. No matter the size of the line or condition, Our Bakersfield Plumbers can handle it. Pipe Freezing is the Process through which Liquid CO2 (Dry Ice) is put around the line through special Clamps and tools to super cool the line and Create a solid Ice Plug in it. It Freezes the water in the line so solid that the ice plug will hold up to 2500 pounds of pressure, with no damage to the line. This method eliminates the need for drain down in large Bakersfield Commercial Plumbing jobs. Hotel Plumbing, Shopping center Plumbing, and most other types of plumbing Bakersfield has can benefit from this equipment. This type of state of the art equipment is helping to make Bakersfield’s Plumbing Doc one of the most Technical Bakersfield Plumbing Contractors.

Using pipe freezing to repair water lines is the “New Game in Town”. Unfortunately in life, sometimes things in life break, they wear out, they fall victim to time and circumstance. Water lines are no exception, they fall prey to the ravages of time like everything else, and they can corrode, freeze up, or break.

When they do, and then enter the plumber, the master of the water lines, the pipe guru, and the drain king. He is the one who the world calls upon and depends upon to keep things flowing.  Yes when our water lines break due to corrosion or freeze up, that’s when we call the plumber to come the rescue.

The plumber in times past was faced with the enormous task of shutting down the water and draining down the lines in order to do the needed repairs to the water lines. But now, thanks to Pipe Freezing Technology, he is able to freeze the water in the lines, without damaging the water lines themselves. This is done by putting Liquid CO2(Dry Ice) around the line using special clamps and tools to super cool the line and make a solid ice plug in the line.

This pipe freezing process freezes the water in the line creating an ice plug that can withstand 2500 pounds of pressure. Thus the need for draining the lines is eliminated, making the plumbers job a little easier. This is really a benefit in large commercial jobs like shopping centers and hotel plumbing jobs as it does away with the need for draining down the lines.

Freezing pipes use to be something that had a bad connotation with it. But Pipe Freezing Technology has changed all that.  A frozen pipe use to mean that you needed repair a water line.  Now, it is a tool for repairing water lines. So hats off to our plumbers and hats off to Pipe Freezing Technology.

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