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Sewer and Drain Cleaning

Bakersfield’s Plumbing Doc. is the number one Plumbing Contractor in the Kern County Sewer and Drain Cleaning Field. We offer Various services for all of your Bakersfield Sewer and Drain Cleaning needs, No matter how major or minor they may be. We also service the out lying areas.

In the Bakersfield sewer and drain profession, Drain Stoppages are a common issue.

-Small lines such as Lavatory Sinks, Tub Drains, Condensate Drain lines on Air Conditioners, Or any other small lines, We use our smallest Machine. The Niard. It may be small but it packs power. Working its way through tight turns and Stubborn Clogs, Its sure to take care of the job!

-Larger lines such as Kitchen sinks….. We use the Junior machine Slightly bigger that the Niard. This machine serves the same basic functions just with a larger 38″ Cable for larger drains.

– Mainline Stoppages 4″ and up: For this Problem the only answer is The Mainline machine. We have various assortments of Blades and tools that can be attached to the end of the cable to cut through roots and the toughest clogs. No Clean out? No Problem Roof vent access is available for immediate relief.

– For slightly More serious problems such as Grease and sludge See our Hydro Jetting Page, And remember Call Us for all of your Central Valley Plumbing Needs!

Sewer and Drain cleaning may not be the most pleasant to talk about but this article could save you lots of money. By completing simple maintenance in your home you could save your self a lot of time and money. You may have noticed city workers cleaning drains and checking pipes in your neighborhood. If they missed a routine check and the sewer became clogged this would cost tax payers like you a lot of money for repairs.

Your home is the same concept. You have to check you personal drains and sub pumps to be sure everything is operating the way it should. If you question your plumbing you should not postpone getting it fixed. If you are unable to unclog the drain yourself, you will find that in the long run it will be well worth the money to get a repair man to fix it.

Periodically you should have your home plumbing inspected by a professional, like the city does; to be sure there is no turmoil in the months ahead. They may instruct you on chemicals that are safe to use to clean you home’s sewage system and aid in your overall house plumbing. Some small things you can do to keep things flowing smoothly is get a drain catch for your sinks, tub, and laundry room floor to keep unwanted food and debris from clogging your system. These can be picked up for a couple of dollars at any store.

You can also try to be aware of how much water you are using at the same time. If you need to do laundry and wash dishes after everyone in your family just took morning showers you may want to give the system a chance to clear and then do one activity at a time so you don’t overwhelm your pipes. The extra dollars would be worth every cent and you won’t regret it when your neighbor is standing in a puddle in their back yard because they missed the routine check and light maintenance required to keep everything running properly.

If you need the most professional sewer and drain cleaning or drain inspection Bakersfield has to offer then call us today!

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