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Sewer Line Replacement

Why does sewer line replacement have to be such a big task? Ripping up the roads, yards and landscaping is enough to make you not want to go through with repairs when they are needed. Disruptions to traffic flow, displacement of families and employees and the costs of paying workers for days and weeks worth of work is not the ideal thoughts for fixing sewer lines.

Thankfully, those nightmares do not have to be a reality anymore. Trenchless sewer line replacement is the new reality that’s taking over the way plumbing fixes are handled. This process allows professional technicians to access sewer lines through the pipes that are already in place.

Once accessed, the pipes are thoroughly cleaned. Finally, they are relined with durable, long-lasting epoxy coating. The coating is injected into the pipes and forms a new pipe within the lines. No digging required.

This sounds too good to be true, right? What are the details? How can this sounds so great but still be effective and a good alternative both right now and in the long run?

Efficiency There are various reasons that this is the most efficient method. First is the time that is saved with this procedure. For somewhat minor fixes and repairs, the process can be completed in as little as one day. This eliminates the need for long-term contracts, requiring works to be onsite for days at a time and equipment to be needed for the same timeframe.

Less workers and equipment means less money spent. Imagine the price difference in digging up an entire parking lot or yard opposed to the minimally invasive process of drilling small holes into the existing system and injecting the coating? Not to mention the coating acts as a brand new pipe, allowing for a long-term savings in eliminating the need for future fixes happening prematurely. An easier task that takes less time and costs less money. That’s truly an efficient option.

Convenience Displacing a family from their home or employees from their workplace is a true inconvenience. This could be due to the shutting off of water and construction zones blocking access to a destination. No one really appreciates running water until it’s taken away. The ability to flush a toilet, wash your hands or take a shower are all part of day-to-day activities. With trenchless technology, waterflow is not disrupted, allowing for normalcy and complete functionality of a workplace or home.

Construction zones blocking your traffic routes or walking routes are also not an issue with trenchless sewer line replacement. No heavy machinery or excavation will impend on your properties, allowing for normal travel as usual.

Don’t Wait for the Problem to get Worse!

Sewer line replacement needs in Bakersfield, CA, are now available through The Plumbing Doc. The ease of handling your plumbing needs both efficiently and conveniently is a service that The Plumbing Doc offers. If you’re a resident or commercial owner in the Bakersfield area, the professionals at The Plumbing Doc are equipped with the knowledge and tools to complete your trenchless line replacement process.

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