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Slab Leak Detection

Many Homes in Bakersfield Today are on a Slab foundation, So Water Leaks are no Stranger to these Bakersfield Plumbers. Slab Leaks Can Cause Serious Damage, So Slab Leak Detection is the ideal tool to save you money!

We use General’s Gen Ear LE Water Leak Location Equipment. It uses a Highly Sensitive and Technical microphone system to hear the leak under the slab.

First we use our Water Line Location Equipment to locate where the lines run under the slab. Then use our Listening Equipment to Check along the route of the underground lines, to reveal the EXACT location of the Leak. This Process minimizes unnecessary Removal of Concrete Flooring.

A leak in the slab of your home can be a nightmare. I remember the first home we bought in San Diego, California was my dream home. It sat on a hill looking out across a valley toward the ocean. It had all the things my small family needed and then some. We moved in and family from the Midwest began visiting. One of the well meaning relatives who came to visit started discussing what he had read in some article about homes in Southern California being built on poor soil and being subject to cracked slabs. This relative then went on to describe how whole homes were falling apart and splitting in half. That scared me since it was the first time we bought a home that was listed as an earthquake risk.

Immediately, I started studying the subject. I went to the library. I went to City Hall. I went to the County Engineers office. What I learned really made me terrified. I went to my pastor at church and asked for prayers that my house would not fall apart. Things got even worse when the neighborhood watch committee started documenting a number of complaints about cracked slabs in our area. Several people had to have all the plumbing re-routed from under the slab of their home to the attic of their home. My husband refused to pull up the carpet to see if we had cracks. Instead, we moved. Better not to know all the bad things about your home before you move because you must disclose the problems.

I did not disclose my fears, although I worried about that too. The next home was a condo. I thought that having a homeowners association to stand with me in case there was a cracked slab would help. Before home was carpeted we looked at the slab. It was cracked already! I immediately talked to the builder. He assured me that the kind of crack I was seeing was not anything to worry about and he patched over the crack with a sealant. He further assured me that if there was any problem with the slab the warranty would cover for the first 10 years. Then one morning we awoke to the sound of a jack hammer next door. We could not hear each other talk without yelling. The noise drowned out every other sound in our home. All day and all night we heard it. My neighbor, who happened to be a lawyer, told us that they had a leak in their plumbing in their living room floor. By the next morning they still had not found the source of the leak.

I suggested that they get a plumber with leak locating equipment, but they insisted they could find the leak and do the repair themselves for less money. The noise eventually stopped. It took them two days to find the leak somewhere in the middle of the kitchen. I am sure a plumber could have found it in minutes, and would be smart enough not to try to try to be his own lawyer.

If you’re looking for the most professional slab leak detection Bakersfield has to offer then look no further than the experts at The Plumbing Doc.

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