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Swimming Pool Hydraulic Breaker

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With The Plumbing Doc, we have the perfect, minimal solution to quickly deconstruct your pool and avoid the hazards and demolition of other processes with our hydraulic breaker equipment.

What Is A Hydraulic Breaker, & How Does It Work To Break Down Pools?

A hydraulic breaker is a powerful hammer fitted to an excavator for demolishing concrete structures or rocks. It is powered by an auxiliary hydraulic system from the excavator, which is fitted with a foot-operated valve for this purpose. Additionally, demolition crews employ the hoe ram for jobs too large for jackhammering or areas where blasting is not possible due to safety or environmental issues.

These powerful systems are perfect for demolishing your pool system in order to make way for a new one, get rid of a swimming pool entirely, or fixing parts of your pool. Due to the precision of the hammer, it is very accurately able to measure where to break apart concrete without destroying pipe, sewer, or water lines, landscaping, and anything else nearby. It also is much faster than hammering it by hand and takes much less effort.

The Steps Of Filling In Abandoned Swimming Pools With Our Hydraulic Breakers

  1. If the swimming pool isn’t already drained of water, the first thing our technicians will do is take the time to drain it so that we can effectively break it apart. if the pool is already drained of water when we arrive, we will prepare our equipment to break through the concrete and fill in the pool as needed.
  2. We will grease the breaker on components where high stress will be placed on the equipment prior to being used to break apart the swimming pool.
  3. We will operate the breaker, which forces the material to give way under the breaker. We utilize short strikes of 10-20 seconds and alter the angle of the impact being created to ensure that the breaker doesn’t break and covers a large surface area. In addition, we also keep our hydraulic breaker at a consistent 90-degree angle, ensuring that it works effectively while preventing any possible breaks or damage from occurring. The nature of working with filling in large pools requires sections of the concrete to be broken apart, rather than trying to break it down all at once.

With these steps in place, we guarantee that we will be able to effectively fill in your swimming pool with minimal downtime and inconvenience. At The Plumbing Doc, we encourage our customers to call us to perform the service of filling in pools.

Not only are we experienced technicians, but we also take the time to ensure that our work doesn’t create more problems. With our knowledge of pipelines, we will ensure your pool is deconstructed with precision that affords you peace of mind during the entire process. We map out where the pipes are underground so that we avoid puncturing them, and we are able to safely use our tools effectively.

Trust The Plumbing Doc For Filling In Pools Effectively With Our Hydraulic Breaker Tools

If you are worried about the risks of a larger problem when your pool is being deconstructed, our talented and highly trained team of professionals will be happy to help you quickly and efficiently! Contact our The Plumbing Doc team today at 661-836-1620 to talk about our hydraulic breaker operations and get a quote today!

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