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Trenchless Line Replacement

Some Bakersfield Plumbing Contractors Have a rough time Replacing lines when there are obstructions like trees, or concrete over the route of the line to be replaced.  And Let’s face it,  you probably worked very hard to get you Lawn and landscaping in such good condition. Why not Leave it that way? Our Bakersfield Plumbing Experts can change most water lines,  sewer lines, and gas lines without digging up the route the line takes.

First our Highly skilled Plumbing Bakersfield technicians locate the exact route that the line to be replaced takes. Then Our Bakersfield Plumbing Experts Excavate a small hole at each end of the line. Next depending on the size and type of line to be replaced (Sewer line, Gas line, or Water line), our Bakersfield Plumbing Professionals Will choose which type of our state of the art trenchless line replacement equipment to use. On small lines like Leaking water lines or Sprinkler lines made out of materials like PVC, our highly skilled Bakersfield Plumbers will probably use a Static Pull Cable system. On medium sized lines or harder and rougher materials like Galvanized Water Lines, our Bakersfield Plumbing experts will probably choose to use our static pull Trenchless line replacement equipment in conjunction with a Compressed air operated Piercing tool to assist in the trenchless line replacement. On large lines like 4″ sewer, water, or gas lines or 6″ sewer, water, or gas lines Our plumbing Bakersfield technicians would use our large static pull, 1″ cable, 80 ton Pipe Bursting Equipment to Burst in a new line without removing the old one. This state of the art method of Trenchless line replacement Pulls a large tapered Bursting Head by a one inch cable through the old line which crushes to old line outward into the surrounding earth and at the same time pulls in a new HDPE SDR 17 or almost any other type of new line that the Plumbing Bakersfield job may require.

This method can also be used for tenant improvement projects to Up-size existing lines for increased capacity. You can install a four inch line without excavation along the same route that a three inch line was, and you can up-size to a six inch line from a four inch line.  For larger street mains, up to 30 inch, and in extremely rocky or compacted soils, our Bakersfield Plumbing Experts would use the large static pull method of trenchless line replacement in conjunction with a very large air power Piecing tool (mole) to assist in the Pipe Bursting Process.  As you can see for all the Plumbing Bakersfield needs, Bakersfield’s Plumbing Doc has the right equipment and highly trained Bakersfield Plumbers to do the job right the first time.

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