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Sewer Repair Gosford CA

Every home depends on a series of pipes that form the sewer line, which removes wastewater from the property and sends it to the city sewer main. This line plays a vital part in the overall performance of the plumbing system, but most homeowners don’t pay much attention to it until problems start to arise.

Common sewer line problems

Tree roots are a sewer line’s worst enemy. Those hot days with low humidity that are so common in Gosford make the tree’s roots search for any source of moisture, and sewer pipes are an excellent provider. Once the roots find their way into the pipes through a hole or crack they continue to grow inside, causing a clog and slowing down the water flow. If they grow too much, they can burst the pipe which will then need to be replaced.

Aging pipes are also a source of many sewer line issues. Cast-iron pipes will corrode and break away, while clay pipes will turn brittle and crack, leaking sewage into the ground.

How to detect a sewer problem

Timely detection of problems in your sewer pipes can be the difference between a quick and affordable repair or a more expensive one. There are a few warning signs that could indicate that a sewer line has deteriorated, so if you notice any of them take quick action:

  • Frequent clogs and sewer backups
  • Foul-smelling puddles in your yard
  • An odor similar to rotten eggs that linger in and around your home
  • Patches of extra-green and lush grass in the garden
  • A dip in the lawn where the sewer line is buried

How to get a professional sewer repair in Gosford, California

If you suspect your sewer line is having problems and needs to be repaired, you have two options: go for the traditional method of digging out the pipes so a technician can access them and work on them, or use a new pipe laying technique known as trenchless pipelining.

This method has many advantages: it requires minimal digging, a sewer line can be repaired in one day, and most of the times it is much more affordable than the traditional approach.

However, the pipes must meet certain conditions to be able to be lined, and this can be verified with the help of a sewer video camera. We send this tool into the pipes and locate the problem. If the technician considered that lining could be performed, we proceed to clean out the pipes with a high-pressure water stream.

After the pipes are clean, a liner filled with a resin is pushed into the sewer line. Once this resin cures, it turns into a solid piece that acts as a new pipe section, covering holes and leaks and keeping any roots from being able to penetrate the pipe again.

Contact Us Today

Not all companies can offer this sewer repair service in the Gosford area, so if you are interested in it just schedule a visit with us. Our experienced pros are equipped with the proper tools and knowledge required to complete a sewer repair in the most efficient and effective manner. Call today, and we will solve any pipe problems in your home.

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