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Video Inspection

Drain Inspection

Tired of being lied to by other Bakersfield Plumbers? We offer a service that will provide proof that your lines are bad. Video Inspection And Line Location is the number one tool in determining the over all condition of your drain lines. It uses an Infra-red light on a fiber optic cable to reveal a picture of your drains that can be seen on a monitor before your eyes. Once the problem is seen on the screen, our expert Bakersfield Plumbing Technicians can pinpoint Line Locate the Video Line Inspection Camera, and the problem.

Plumbers are essential to some homes and businesses to keep the water running. It is inevitable that most plumbing systems will get clogged at least one time, especially if it is older plumbing work in the building. There are many techniques used to eliminate clogs, including store bought chemicals or the typical “snake”.

There is a new tool on the market now that gives you visual evidence of what’s inside the plumbing of your building. If you’ve ever wondered if your plumber is telling the truth, video inspection will give you the truth. The secret behind it is fiber optics.

Fiber optic is a series of tightly bound fibers that can actually conduct light and energy through it. This video inspection uses infra-red imaging in combination with the fiber optics. As the fiber optic is carefully sent through the drain, the infra-red imaging is instantly sent through to a screen where you can see exactly what’s in your drain.

No longer do you have to worry about buying chemicals or the wire “snake” not being long enough. This will allow you to see the problem right before your eyes. Now whenever you have a problem, keep in mind that this tool is available. If you hire a plumber that doesn’t use video inspection, expect to wonder if he is telling the truth.

It might be a good idea to look into finding a plumber that uses video inspection to back up his reporting. Keep in mind that this could also be used outside of the plumbing industry. If you own your own business, it might fit into your work scheme. For example, if you are an electrician and are drilling holes and sending wires through the wall, it might be a good idea to use this video inspection to make sure there is nothing in the wall that the wires may get snagged on. This tool is sure to make lives easier for a lot of different industries and people.

When you need the most experienced sewer camera inspection Bakersfield has to offer give The Plumbing Doc a call.

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